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Rehau is a leading global provider of advanced polymer and composite products for industry and end-users. REHAU manufactures a vast range of surfaces and custom-made components for kitchens, bathrooms and more!

Rehau offers a variety of different contemporary and sleek options to make every space look and feel beautiful. To give you an edge-in quality, composition, and scheme. Highlighted below are just a few of the 100’s of different options to choose from when you pick Rehau for your cabinetry needs!

Featured above is the Rehau Matte Noir, A monotonic matte surface that can retain all its elemental properties while delivering resilience & reliability. The light-absorbent surface resists scratches and fingerprints while providing a touchable matte.

Rehau Noir is available in the 12 colors. The Rehau Noir collection offers designers subtle hues that flow nicely in any space. Click the link below to view all the colors in their entirety.

If matte is not your style, you will love the High-Gloss Brilliant collection. This collection gives a shine and beautiful sleek look all while having 20+ years of UV stability and 13 different color options!

The Crystal is an option like no other! It is 50% lighter than real glass, 10x more break resistant, highly scratch resistant and easy to clean! This fun glass option is not only strong and durable, but you can even take notes or write tasks on them with whiteboard markers!

To check out all the options Rehau has to offer visit their website at or come into our showroom and have one of our knowledgeable sales team members assist you!

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