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About Higgins Custom Cabinetry

At Higgins Custom Cabinetry, you can talk directly to the people making your cabinets. Our custom shop can accommodate your special requests and make your cabinets totally unique. From matching paint and stain colors to fitting your components and appliances, we customize your cabinets to meet your needs.

Beautiful and durable cabinetry is the result of using the best products available and the attention given to detail by our experienced craftsmen. Higgins Custom Cabinetry is committed to providing high quality custom cabinets. For over 40 years, our family-owned business has stood behind each piece with pride and integrity that you’ll find nowhere else.


Higgins Custom Cabinetry was founded in 1971 by Dave Higgins, who was a quality homebuilder in Southeast Minnesota.  In 1978, Dave began building custom cabinets for the homes he was building and in 1998, he went exclusively to custom cabinetry.  In 2006, Dave's son Darcy purchased the company along with his wife, Jennifer.

At the turn of the new year in 2020, Nate Ward and his wife, Shelly, took over as owners of the company. Just as Darcy had been raised in the cabinet industry, so has Nate, he has worked for Higgins Custom Cabinetry for over 25 years. Nate has worked in, and now oversees, every facet of the company. His dedication and hardworking attitude drives him to make the best product possible, always looking for new strategies to increase efficiency and improve overall quality. Although he is new to the position he is in, he strives to carry on the legacy that Dave and Darcy have paved before him.

Nate and his employees seek to carry on the remarkable quality and dedication that makes Higgins Custom Cabinetry a must for every home!

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Appealing to architects and designers, we bring interior design to the next level with these realistic and trendy patterns being a perfect solution for exquisitely produced natural modern designs. Our Premier Craftsmanship makes us the best cabinetry for any composition.

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