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Meet the owner...

Nate has worked at Higgins for as long as he can remember, now having been employed here for 25 years! He started working for Dave Higgins in the summer of 1994. His first job was mowing the lawn and keeping the landscaping nice at the old shop, and by his second year, he was helping at job sites. In 1996 he ran the second shift after school, watching over the sanders and stainers. After graduating from high school he went full-time and shortly thereafter learned how to do every task in every department. In 2006 Nate was promoted to shop foreman and ran the shop until January 1, 2020. On that day, Nate purchased the company and now oversees all aspects of the operations including design, production and installation.

When asked what his favorite part of the job is, Nate said, "Help make the customers' ideas into a reality. I enjoy the challenge." He has used this motivation to make thousands of customers overjoyed after receiving their cabinetry. The care and work he puts into every job is what has made him so successful in all of his endeavors both inside the shop and in life. His goals and aspirations are lofty, and this will allow the company to thrive both now and in the future.

When Nate isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Shelly, two kids, Dylan and Josalyn and their two dogs, Zoey and Bentley. Being an outdoorsy guy, he enjoys camping, snowmobiling and simply spending time outside. Recently he has also found a passion in barbecuing, routinely cooking for family and friends.

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