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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Hardware is a small piece of a large process in building your dream kitchen, but the hardware you choose plays a huge role in how your entire room comes together. Between choosing the size and the color and the design, there is a lot of thought that goes into your hardware choice. 2021 is the year for new hardware trends such as, mixing metals, using oversized pulls, black finishes, and brushed gold, just to name a few!

Old favorites like oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel are still very much so at the top of many peoples list but matte black and brass are making a comeback. Many people hear the word brass or gold and fear the worst, but brass adds elegance and helps to offset blue tones in bright white cabinets as a bonus! Black hardware adds a wonderful contrast to a lot of all white spaces. Modern hardware such as black or gold is a great way to update an older kitchen!

Mixing metals is another fun way to add some flair to your kitchen! Adding mixed metals into your kitchen space is a great way to add visual interest and keep things fresh. One thing to remember when deciding to use this unique feature in your home is to pick one metal you love to be your prominent finish and then add one or two other metals to accent that. A few examples of this is if you are using oil rubbed bronze, using copper for your accent pieces will add a warm touch. While using stainless steel, choosing a vintage piece with gold or silver will add a nice charm to your space.

Over-sized hardware’s popularity is growing fast in 2021, so much so that many manufacturers are expanded the lengths of their hardware to 10”, 12” and even 18”. The use of the longer pull is to give the impression of a bigger, heavier door/drawer. It is also intended to make the space look larger. The word “over-sized” refers more toward pulls that are over 8” long when they are being used on cabinets, and over 18” long on full-sized doors.

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