Providing Outstanding Cabinetry Service Throughout  The Building & Remodeling Process

Higgins Custom Cabinetry Checklist


Thank you for your interest in Higgins Custom Cabinetry!  We are committed to providing high quality cabinetry in a timely manner and we look forward to working with you on your project.  This checklist sample outlines some of the steps necessary for us to get you started and complete your custom cabinetry project.


_____ Sign Proposal & Fill out Attached Information Sheet Fax, mail or email to us.

Once we receive it, we will put your job on our job calendar.  We do not guarantee install dates due to the nature of construction and manufacturing delays beyond our control.  The proposal may still change due to cabinetry design changes but the signature ensures a spot and informs us of your intention to use us.  If you have not yet had a full design meeting, please contact us for your first design meeting which will then result in the first set of cabinetry plans.  If you have already had the first meeting, then this signed proposal will start the designer on your cabinetry plans based on the first design meeting.


_____  Final Appliance, Sink, TV, Fireplace and Stereo Specifications should be provided ASAP or by the second design meeting at the latest. Our designs are relied on by other subs so they need to be correct. *If using an apron sink, we will need the sink delivered here for accurate measurements.


_____  Note Cabinet Changes on Plans and Review at Design Appointment(s) Until Final.

Several meetings may be needed until plans are final and approved.  We prefer to set up appointments in advance or at   the initial meeting.  The final review appointment should be done 6 weeks before cabinetry installation in order to ensure the cabinetry will be completed on time.  


_____  1st Design Appointment Date & Time: ___________________

Look at showroom for wood choice, door style, colors, features, review house floor plans together for initial design.  


_____  2nd Design Appointment Date & Time: ___________________

Bring changes noted on cabinet elevations for review with designer. Make tops and hardware choices. We will make changes to plans and email out for review.  


_____  Final Review Date & Time: ____________________

Review all major details and discuss any last changes. Jobs cannot go further until all changes are complete, approved and all of the necessary job information/ final specs are provided.  We will need the final approved samples back for your paint/stain choices.  All tops and hardware choices should be approved and final. 


If you are unable to do multiple design meetings in person, please email or mail changes rather than calling so we have a record of all changes.  Clear notes on the actual cabinet elevations are the best.  



_____ Regular Job Construction Status Updates Are Needed to Keep the Cabinets on Schedule. We need to know when ALL FRAMING including fireplaces, rough plumbing and rough electrical is completed for final measurements to be taken and plans to be finalized. 


If you know of any major house framing changes (variances from the house plans) prior to this, please inform us so we can do an extra early measure to catch any major changes. 


The final set of plans will be completed after final measurements and final layout is done by our layout staff.  


Once the house is framed it helps to have weekly email updates on the job progress from you or your builder in order to correctly coordinate the completion of cabinets with the date your house is ready for installation.


_____ Sign Off on Final Plans. Your approval of the final plans and final proposal is necessary before production can start. We prefer a signature on final plans and the proposal; however an email approving the final plans and the total proposed amount will also work for your approval.  Please review plans carefully for correct wood species, colors, door & drawer styles and final design.  Changes after this point may incur a change fee due to re-work.


_____ Down Payment (around 50%) is due prior to job going into production.

A deposit bill will be sent when your job is close to production or you are welcome to submit half down prior to billing.



Once the job is finalized and approved, it is put in the production line. The final install date will be based on the amount of jobs ahead of yours and how well they are flowing through the shop in addition to everyone’s current construction schedules.  Although we try to accommodate everyone’s preferred install dates, there are times when it is not possible.  When we are close to installation, we will call to discuss and schedule the exact date with you or your builder.  Please keep in touch with your salesperson if you have any questions or have any construction updates that may impact install.