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Hair Salon Featuring Stevenswood

Higgins Custom Cabinetry recently took on the project of remodeling a local hair salon, Studio 65 in Rochester. With the help of our counter top partner, the TopShop of Rochester, we provided a space for them that is functional, durable, sleek, and professional that allows employees to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively and leaves clients with a positive impression.

The workstations include many features that allow optimal functionality for the salon employees. Each station includes large cabinets and triple drawer stacks that provide sufficient storage space for products, tools, and accessories the stylists need, but want to keep organized and out of sight from the client. There is also an angled hair accessory storage station that has 6 stainless steel canisters that allows you to heat up and cool down your hair tools without dealing with cords getting tangled and knotted together. Another key feature of this work space is the lift-up counter top that allows employees to wash hair right at their own station, without losing valuable counter space.

To provide optimal durability and affordability, we used Stevenswood from our Simplicity Collection for this project. Stevenswood is made of a Western Pine Core, Thermofused Melamine. These high pressure laminates have enhanced textures and realistic and trendy patterns that are made with 100% recycled and recovered materials. The tough outer coating provides durability and resistance to external elements which makes them very easy to clean. Another huge benefit is that we can offer this product at a fraction of the price of our real wood species.

The material featured in this project is Takase Teak from Stevenswood's Artika & Rain Collection

We also provided cabinetry for the reception area and the kitchen for the employees' break room.

Not only can Stevenswood be a great addition to a hair salon, it can be a great addition to any commercial application. Stay tuned for posts about how we have worked hand-in-hand with builders and architects using our Simplicity Collection on an apartment complex, a hotel lobby, and a child care center.

Contact us today to see how we can transform your next commercial project!

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