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Storage Solutions: The Kitchen

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

As the heart of the home, it is important to have a kitchen that is not only visually appealing, but functional. Here at Higgins we offer an array of accessories to keep your cabinets, drawers and pantry neat and tidy and to eliminate the headache of a messy and cluttered kitchen. Check out some of our space-saving ideas that will help you work smarter, not harder.

Drawer Organization

Organize your silverware, measuring cups, or other kitchen tools with one of our custom wood cutlery trays and knife drawers.

Deep drawers are a great way to store larger and taller items such as pots and pans. Keep these drawers organized by adding a peg system (pictured left) or adding a wood rollout for your lids (pictured middle).

Keep your trash hidden and out of sight with one of our waste pullout drawers

Keep your spices convenient, handy and free of grime by adding a spice pullout organizer to a base or upper cabinet. You can also add a simple spice rack to any drawer.

To organize you trays and baking sheets, choose from one of our many versions of tray dividers and tray pullout systems.

Here are a variety of other accessories to organize your containers, cleaning supplies, utensils, and more!

Cabinet Organization

Reduce the clutter on your counter by keeping appliances behind closed doors. Aventos lift systems (left), appliance garages (center), and lid stays (right), are a great way to reduce clutter on your counters by concealing appliances, yet leaving them very accessible.

Make the most out of your cabinet space and functionality by adding wood rollouts, lazy susans, and more!

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